Basic classes

If you want to do a lot of close-range damage, and aren’t worried about defense, specializing as a Warrior may be for you. By dual-wielding heavy weapons at all times, you can end fights quickly and emerge as the obvious hero. Warriors can also throw their opponents across the field of battle.
Warrior features: dual wielding, heavy weapons, short range, melee

If you want to defend your party, but also do some damage, play as a Guardian. By wielding a shield and a heavy weapon, you can draw the attention of your enemies, stop their attacks, and pave the way for your allies to finish them off.

Guardian features: shield, heavy weapons, tank, melee

If you like quiet assassinations, disappearing and reappearing at will, or just stabbing things, you’ll want to play as a rogue.
Create distractions, then unleash lethal close-range blows to finish off enemies quickly and silently. 
Rogue features: daggers, temporary damage, mobility, elusion, lethal execution
If you enjoy ranged combat with bows, or prefer to train animals to fight for you, you should be a ranger. By staying out of the action and forgoing defense, you can focus on assessing an enemy’s weak points and attack them with accuracy in order to inflict critical damage.
Ranger features: long range weapons, pets, critical damage

If you like destroying your enemies with magick, you’ll want to be a sorcerer. Use lethal spells on individual enemies, cast incantations that cause havoc across large swaths of the battlefield, and bend reality to get yourself out of the way of attacking enemies.

Sorcerer features: destruction magick, area attack, teleporting

If you prefer using magick in order to help others, play as a healer. Call upon the aid of the spirits of the earth in order to provide your companions with defensive or offensive buffs, or use those same spirits to debuff your enemies. When your companions have been attacked, cast spells to heal them, or to remove debuffs.

Healer features: healing and protection, buffs, debuffs