The Seer is considered to be timeless- she has existed for as long as anyone can remember, and has held a highly esteemed position within Mourian society for hundreds of years. Due to her magickal abilities and confident personality, she’s regarded as the world’s foremost magical authority, and she absolutely loves it. No one knows magick quite like Nazhedja.
She can see every aspect of the past and the future… well, until she meets you.
Nazhedja is performatively feminine and loves being that way. She’s a bit goofy, silly, ditzy, and vain because she knows that engaging in fun won’t undermine her authority. She dresses impeccably- every hair in place, every piece of jewelry carefully selected.
She knows herself- she knows who she is, what she wants, and she knows that she can and will do anything she needs to in order to get it. She’s been in charge and recognized for her superior magic abilities for so long that the idea of being powerless is totally foreign to her. She knows she doesn’t have to play games in order to keep her high position in society- she can just exist and be herself, and things will work out. There’s a sense of “do you know who I am” in every request and order. Her immortality is something that has become such a core part of her personality that she has a hard time reconciling the fact that some people don’t understand it.
Nazhedja has many friends and political allies, but few very close friends, and she tells herself that she likes it that way. She’s seen empires fall and countless generations of mortals die, so she tries not to get too attached… but in some ways, she can’t help it. She cares too much. She’s lost so many lovers and friends along the way that she has realized she needs to keep people at arm’s length in order to protect her own heart. Nazhedja will happily have sex with anyone she deems worthy of being able to please her, but she’s been alive long enough that the idea of true love is something she’s put behind her. She’ll want to keep things casual, and will even push you to date or sleep with other people so that she doesn’t have the pressure of being your only lover.
The Seer is considered to be timeless– she has existed for as long as anyone can remember, and has held a highly esteemed position within Mourian society for hundreds of yearsDue to her magickal abilities and confident personalityshe’s regarded as the world’s foremost magical authority, and she absolutely loves it. No one knows magick quite like NazhedjaShe can see every aspect of the past and the future… welluntil she meets you 
Nazhedja is performatively feminine and loves being that wayShe’s a bit goofysillyditzy, and vain because she knows that engaging in fun won’t undermine her authorityShe dresses impeccably– every hair in place, every piece of jewelry carefully selected 
She knows herself– she knows who she iswhat she wants, and she knows that she can and will do anything she needs to in order to get itShe’s been in charge and recognized for her superior magic abilities for so long that the idea of being powerless is totally foreign to herShe knows she doesn’t have to play games in order to keep her high position in society– she can just exist and be herself, and things will work outThere’s a sense of “do you know who I am” in every request and orderHer immortality is something that has become such a core part of her personality that she has a hard time reconciling the fact that some people don’t understand it. 
Nazhedja has many friends and political alliesbut few very close friends, and she tells herself that she likes it that wayShe’s seen empires fall and countless generations of mortals die, so she tries not to get too attached… but in some waysshe can’t help itShe cares too muchShe’s lost so many lovers and friends along the way that she has realized she needs to keep people at arm’s length in order to protect her own heartNazhedja will happily have sex with anyone she deems worthy of being able to please herbut she’s been alive long enough that the idea of true love is something she’s put behind herShe’ll want to keep things casual, and will even push you to date or sleep with other people so that she doesn’t have the pressure of being your only lover. 
Tiana is a Commander of the Celtic army, and one of the people currently vying for the throne of Brigantia. She was not born to be a queen, but she knows that her training and life experiences have potentially prepared her to be a good one. Her quest for the throne is a reluctant one- she’d prefer to be a Commander for the rest of her life, but she truly believes that no one else has her qualifications or support.
She is in her mid twenties, and is widely known for her wisdom and maturity… a stark contrast to the immature rightful heir, Prince Lugaid. Tiana is pragmatic and prefers to do things by the book whenever possible. She does not share her father, Tarlock’s, flair for the dramatic. Whereas he inspires by chaos, she inspires by trying to lead by example. She’s seen as someone who gets shit done.
Tiana has a strong aversion to magick that only grows when the corruption begins to spread throughout the land. Tiana’s mother was a powerful Druid who was killed when a spell of hers went terribly wrong- an event that nearly cost Tiana and her father their lives as well. Since then, Tiana has been deeply skeptical of any powers that she cannot touch or feel. It’s a widely known secret that she has magickal abilities of her own, but never uses them, instead preferring to fight hand to hand. She doesn’t even like fighting ranged unless it’s absolutely necessary.
As a lover or partner, Tiana will continue to be somewhat-reluctantly in charge. She carries the world on her shoulders, and if you can help ease that burden for her, she’ll be eternally grateful. As a potential queen, Tiana wants to marry, settle down, and have children to start a lineage- preferably sooner rather than later, so that her supporters have something hopeful to root for. Because of this, she’s only interested in serious relationships with people with whom she could have children. Her approach to romance is as practical as everything else, but she might be pleasantly surprised if her politically advantageous match with you happens to also have some spontaneity and passion
Tiana is a Commander of the Celtic army, and one of the people currently vying for the throne of BrigantiaShe was not born to be a queenbut she knows that her training and life experiences have potentially prepared her to be a good oneHer quest for the throne is a reluctant one– she’d prefer to be a Commander for the rest of her lifebut she truly believes that no one else has her qualifications or support. 
She is in her mid twenties, and is widely known for her wisdom and maturity… a stark contrast to the immature rightful heir, Prince Lugaid. Tiana is pragmatic and prefers to do things by the book whenever possibleShe does not share her fatherTarlock’sflair for the dramaticWhereas he inspires by chaos, she inspires by trying to lead by exampleShe’s seen as someone who gets shit done. 
Tiana has a strong aversion to magick that only grows when the corruption begins to spread throughout the landTiana’s mother was a powerful Druid who was killed when a spell of hers went terribly wrong– an event that nearly cost Tiana and her father their lives as wellSince then, Tiana has been deeply skeptical of any powers that she cannot touch or feelIt’s a widely known secret that she has magickal abilities of her ownbut never uses theminstead preferring to fight hand to handShe doesn’t even like fighting ranged unless it’s absolutely necessary. 
As a lover or partner, Tiana will continue to be somewhat-reluctantly in chargeShe carries the world on her shoulders, and if you can help ease that burden for hershe’ll be eternally grateful. As a potential queen, Tiana wants to marrysettle down, and have children to start a lineage– preferably sooner rather than later, so that her supporters have something hopeful to root forBecause of thisshe’s only interested in serious relationships with people with whom she could have childrenHer approach to romance is as practical as everything elsebut she might be pleasantly surprised if her politically advantageous match with you happens to also have some spontaneity and passion.
Tarlock rose to prominence as one of King Ith’s senior advisors just a few years ago, and fell from grace nearly as quickly as he rose. Dynamic, charismatic, and prone to sudden violence, his hot temper intrigued King Ith and felt like a good potential way to balance the King’s calm love of peace. In the struggles against the werewolves, Tarlock was initially a celebrated leader. But when he ordered the slaughter of an entire Wolfpack, Ith realized that he’d made a grave mistake and fired Tarlock immediately.
Tarlock quietly began drawing in followers who didn’t agree with King Ith’s love of diversity and cultural exchange. He begun to feed on their desire for Celtic superiority, and stoked the flames of racism and unrest in order to gain power. He doesn’t actually believe most of what he preaches, and will say anything necessary to get others to follow him- even if it contradicts something he said earlier that very day.
His daughter, Tiana, is his most valuable pawn. He claims to love her, but would cast her aside without much thought if she threatened his own position. Tiana’s mother, Alanna, died nearly a decade ago. Tarlock told his daughter it was because Alanna’s own magic consumed her. But was it?
Tarlock rose to prominence as one of King Ith’s senior advisors just a few years ago, and fell from grace nearly as quickly as he rose. Dynamic, charismatic, and prone to sudden violencehis hot temper intrigued King Ith and felt like a good potential way to balance the King’s calm love of peace. In the struggles against the werewolvesTarlock was initially a celebrated leader. But when he ordered the slaughter of an entire WolfpackIth realized that he’d made a grave mistake and fired Tarlock immediately. 
Tarlock quietly began drawing in followers who didn’t agree with King Ith’s love of diversity and cultural exchange. He begun to feed on their desire for Celtic superiority, and stoked the flames of racism and unrest in order to gain power. He doesn’t actually believe most of what he preaches, and will say anything necessary to get others to follow him– even if it contradicts something he said earlier that very day. 
His daughter, Tiana, is his most valuable pawn. He claims to love herbut would cast her aside without much thought if she threatened his own position. Tiana’s motherAlannadied nearly a decade ago. Tarlock told his daughter it was because Alanna’s own magic consumed herBut was it?