Despite being only thirty at the start of the game, Amergin is the Master Druid for the court of King Ith. Amergin is bright, inspired, excited about life, and incredibly good at magic. He is known for his charm and his sharp wit. He believes with all his heart that the world is out of balance, and he has devoted himself to becoming part of the solution.
A distant relative of King Ith, Amergin’s magickal prowess was discovered at an early age. He was sent to the Mage’s College, where he was raised with little knowledge or understanding of the outside world. Though he excelled at his classes and was extremely well-liked, he developed a reputation for sometimes being close-minded when it comes to opinions that conflict with the Celtic way of life.
Amergin is regarded as a magickal and political authority by other humans, but due to his youth, immortal characters rarely take him seriously. They should, though- despite his sarcasm, he’s the most powerful druid to grace the Celts in generations. He has not figured this out quite yet, but he’s starting to.
As a romance option, Amergin falls hard and fast. He may be interested in shacking up pretty quickly. Maybe too quickly… Amergin is attentive and would do anything for you- but he is also jealous as hell. He would not be comfortable with you seeing other people. But, he would never dream of cheating on you or leaving you. He’s a man of principles, and a man of his word.
Despite being only thirty at the start of the gameAmergin is the Master Druid for the court of King IthAmergin is brightinspiredexcited about life, and incredibly good at magic. He is known for his charm and his sharp wit. He believes with all his heart that the world is out of balance, and he has devoted himself to becoming part of the solution. 
distant relative of King IthAmergin’s magickal prowess was discovered at an early age. He was sent to the Mage’s Collegewhere he was raised with little knowledge or understanding of the outside worldThough he excelled at his classes and was extremely well-liked, he developed a reputation for sometimes being close-minded when it comes to opinions that conflict with the Celtic way of life. 
Amergin is regarded as a magickal and political authority by other humansbut due to his youthimmortal characters rarely take him seriouslyThey shouldthough– despite his sarcasmhe’s the most powerful druid to grace the Celts in generations. He has not figured this out quite yetbut he’s starting to.   
As a romance optionAmergin falls hard and fast. He may be interested in shacking up pretty quicklyMaybe too quickly… Amergin is attentive and would do anything for you– but he is also jealous as hell. He would not be comfortable with you seeing other peopleBut, he would never dream of cheating on you or leaving youHe’s a man of principles, and a man of his word. 
Studious, serious, and sometimes overly blunt- Berath is a quiet, yet snarky immortal professor. Underneath his often cold & analytical exterior is a kind, gentle soul. Berath is the kind of guy who will yell at you about the exact dates of a certain war, then go home and spend hours tending his flower garden to decompress and relax. Don’t be fooled by his passions for crafts, cooking, and plants, though- Berath is generally one of the most dangerous and deadly people in the room.
Berath has dealt with depression his entire life. His overall demeanor is zen and calm, but has a pervasive undercurrent of a deep sadness he cannot shake, and generally doesn’t try to. When you’re an immortal who has been living with a mental illness for generations, eventually, you come to accept that’s just how things are going to be.
Unlike many Mourians, who have a zest for life and enjoy drama, Berath has embraced his immortality by relishing small moments of light. He’s the one who immediately connects with those who are struggling by reminding them of the little things that are going well. Berath still finds wonder and mystery in the tiniest butterfly. But he doesn’t express this with excitement, instead finding an increased sense of calm.
Every moment is a meditation.
Berath will take time to romance, but if he falls for you, he will be sweet and caring. Doting, even. He is good at anticipating his partner’s needs. He’s also extremely dominant in the bedroom, and may be playfully possessive outside of the bedroom. But he values his space. Berath may sometimes need a break to be introverted, or to see another friend or lover who can provide him with additional perspective. This does notmean that he loves you any less-he just knows his boundaries and expects you to respect them. He’ll always respect yours in return.
Studiousserious, and sometimes overly blunt– Berath is a quietyet snarky immortal professorUnderneath his often cold & analytical exterior is a kindgentle soulBerath is the kind of guy who will yell at you about the exact dates of a certain warthen go home and spend hours tending his flower garden to decompress and relax. Don’t be fooled by his passions for craftscooking, and plantsthough– Berath is generally one of the most dangerous and deadly people in the room. 
Berath has dealt with depression his entire lifeHis overall demeanor is zen and calmbut has a pervasive undercurrent of a deep sadness he cannot shake, and generally doesn’t try toWhen you’re an immortal who has been living with a mental illness for generationseventuallyyou come to accept that’s just how things are going to be.  
Unlike many Mourianswho have a zest for life and enjoy drama, Berath has embraced his immortality by relishing small moments of light. He’s the one who immediately connects with those who are struggling by reminding them of the little things that are going wellBerath still finds wonder and mystery in the tiniest butterflyBut he doesn’t express this with excitementinstead finding an increased sense of calmEvery moment is a meditation. 
Berath will take time to romance, but if he falls for you, he will be sweet and caringDotingeven. He is good at anticipating his partner’s needsHe’s also extremely dominant in the bedroom, and may be playfully possessive outside of the bedroomBut he values his spaceBerath may sometimes need a break to be introvertedor to see another friend or lover who can provide him with additional perspectiveThis does not mean that he loves you any less– he just knows his boundaries and expects you to respect themHe’ll always respect yours in return. 
Delba is the youngest daughter of the Fomorian king. Still centuries old, she is one of the youngest Fomorians in general. Her mother disappeared to the surface when she was a child, and she’s been obsessed with exploring the human world since. Delba has a vision that the Fomorians will be able to show the humans that they’re not monsters, and will one day find a happier life on the surface.
She is enormous, and most people think she’s scary-looking… which she finds hilarious. She’s tough and violent when she needs to be, and doesn’t mind being that person… but she’d much rather be playing music and telling dirty jokes with her friends.
Optimistic to a fault, Delba wants the Fomorians to stop living in the shadows, for them to plan a triumphant return to the surface. She hopes to inspire others to be more accepting of her kind, and will often neglect her own needs or wants in order to make people like her. Everything is Fomorian first for Delba- and when it comes to conflicts… she doesn’t care as much about morality as she does about practicality and pushing her own cause.
As a romance option, she’s awkwardly charming, and more interested in a deep emotional and intellectual connection than a sexual one. Delba loves to cuddle, and will happily lie with you under the stars telling funny stories all night long.
Delba is the youngest daughter of the Fomorian kingStill centuries oldshe is one of the youngest Fomorians in general. Her mother disappeared to the surface when she was a child, and she’s been obsessed with exploring the human world sinceDelba has a vision that the Fomorians will be able to show the humans that they’re not monsters, and will one day find a happier life on the surface. 
She is enormous, and most people think she’s scary-looking… which she finds hilariousShe’s tough and violent when she needs to be, and doesn’t mind being that person… but she’d much rather be playing music and telling dirty jokes with her friends. 
Optimistic to a faultDelba wants the Fomorians to stop living in the shadowsfor them to plan a triumphant return to the surfaceShe hopes to inspire others to be more accepting of her kind, and will often neglect her own needs or wants in order to make people like herEverything is Fomorian first for Delba– and when it comes to conflicts… she doesn’t care as much about morality as she does about practicality and pushing her own cause.  
As a romance optionshe’s awkwardly charming, and more interested in a deep emotional and intellectual connection than a sexual oneDelba loves to cuddle, and will happily lie with you under the stars telling funny stories all night long.
A greek mercenary in his early twenties, Heraklios loves glory more than anything else in the world. He insists that ever fight be as fair as possible, almost to the point of an obsession. He will sometimes make a situation substantially harder on himself just so that he can live up to that sense of fairness.
Outside of combat situations, Heraklios is slightly awkward, sweet, and full of bravado. He’s very traditionally masculine in a number of ways- including his love of beer, his belly laugh, and his penchant for dad jokes. Heraklios tries to stand up for injustice anywhere he sees it, but this can get him into trouble when he intervenes where he isn’t wanted. Essentially- he’s a loveable frat boy. He has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of Greek legends and myths, and will recount them… loudly, and with many embellishments… to anyone who asks. Or doesn’t ask.
Heraklios struggles with impostor syndrome. Despite being unbelievably skilled and qualified, he never feels like he is enough- he thinks that all of his accomplishments have been lucky breaks, and that his failures have been deserved. He wants to prove to himself that he can earn glory, that he can earn love. That he is worth it. Heraklios’s biggest dream would be to go down in history as a hero himself, and to feel like he really, truly deserved it.
As a lover, Heraklios is selfless and fun. He’s fine with you having other lovers or pursuing your interests, but he wants to know that he is your number one guy. He may come across as an unrepentant ladies man, but if you prioritize him, he’ll prioritize you right back.
greek mercenary in his early twentiesHeraklios loves glory more than anything else in the world. He insists that ever fight be as fair as possiblealmost to the point of an obsession. He will sometimes make a situation substantially harder on himself just so that he can live up to that sense of fairness. 
Outside of combat situationsHeraklios is slightly awkwardsweet, and full of bravadoHe’s very traditionally masculine in a number of ways– including his love of beerhis belly laugh, and his penchant for dad jokesHeraklios tries to stand up for injustice anywhere he sees itbut this can get him into trouble when he intervenes where he isn’t wantedEssentially– he’s a loveable frat boy. He has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of Greek legends and myths, and will recount them… loudly, and with many embellishments… to anyone who asksOr doesn’t ask. 
Heraklios struggles with impostor syndromeDespite being unbelievably skilled and qualified, he never feels like he is enough– he thinks that all of his accomplishments have been lucky breaks, and that his failures have been deserved. He wants to prove to himself that he can earn glorythat he can earn loveThat he is worth itHeraklios’s biggest dream would be to go down in history as a hero himself, and to feel like he reallytruly deserved it. 
As a loverHeraklios is selfless and funHe’s fine with you having other lovers or pursuing your interestsbut he wants to know that he is your number one guy. He may come across as an unrepentant ladies manbut if you prioritize himhe’ll prioritize you right back. 
Khaldun is in her mid twenties, and is intelligent as hell. The eldest daughter of a noble family in Meroe, in The Kingdom of Kush, she was sent to Egypt as a young teenager and educated in the best schools Alexandria could offer. She relocated to Brigantia with Queen Escota and Prince Lugaid five years ago. Khaldun can read, write, and speak nearly a dozen languages, and can tell you anything about the vast pantheons of Nubian & Egyptian gods and goddesses without checking reference materials. Khaldun prefers to wear clothing styles that reflect her adopted Egyptian culture. These costumes and styles may seem foreign and overly elegant to her Celtic peers, but Khaldun doesn’t mean them that way, and she doesn’t care. She is proud of her heritage.
Her necromantic powers come from her unwavering faith in the Egyptian pantheon, and she is a devoted priestess to the god Osiris. This may put her into direct conflict with some of your devout Celtic party members on occasion.
Khaldun views sex and romance quite separately. She’s generally down to play a little, but if you want to fully romance her, she wants you all to herself. She’s had a few bad experiences with some open relationships since moving to the land of the Celts, and she needs to know that she’s your one and only. If you’re not willing to commit to her, and only to her, she won’t have any reservations about ending things. But if you do commit, she is a powerful and loving partner.
Khaldun is in her mid twenties, and is intelligent as hellThe eldest daughter of a noble family in Meroe, in The Kingdom of Kushshe was sent to Egypt as a young teenager and educated in the best schools Alexandria could offerShe relocated to Brigantia with Queen Escota and Prince Lugaid five years ago. Khaldun can readwrite, and speak nearly a dozen languages, and can tell you anything about the vast pantheons of Nubian & Egyptian gods and goddesses without checking reference materialsKhaldun prefers to wear clothing styles that reflect her adopted Egyptian culture. These costumes and styles may seem foreign and overly elegant to her Celtic peersbut Khaldun doesn’t mean them that way, and she doesn’t careShe is proud of her heritage. 
Her necromantic powers come from her unwavering faith in the Egyptian pantheon, and she is a devoted priestess to the god Osiris. This may put her into direct conflict with some of your devout Celtic party members on occasion. 
Khaldun views sex and romance quite separatelyShe’s generally down to play a littlebut if you want to fully romance hershe wants you all to herselfShe’s had a few bad experiences with some open relationships since moving to the land of the Celts, and she needs to know that she’s your one and onlyIf you’re not willing to commit to her, and only to hershe won’t have any reservations about ending thingsBut if you do commitshe is a powerful and loving partner. 
Mal is a mid thirties, tough-as-nails butch who loves violence for the sake of violence. Luckily, she has channeled this love into a useful career killing dangerous monsters. She doesn’t talk much, would rather be caught dead than in a dress, and enjoys smelling a little bit like death to keep people from talking to her. If you don’t seem dangerous or interesting, she won’t give you the time of day. The only time she’s seen smiling is when she’s killing something… or licking her knife after doing so.
Mal has a unique special ability. She lost an eye in a fight with a monster a number of years ago, and her husband at the time, a Mourian man, saved her life by pouring gold in her empty eye socket. That gold was imbued with magick. Now, if she puts the eye of a deceased creature or person in that eye socket, she can see how that individual died. Well, mostly. She sees their doom through not just their eyes, but their lens- their feelings at their time of death distort the vision. For example, for people who were murdered, the person or creature who murdered them may appear much more horrifying or monstrous than they are in real life.
If you manage to befriend Mal, she is absolutely ride-or-die. She will defend you and stay by your side no matter what. Mal prefers to keep things casual, but if you romance her, she may prove to be nearly insatiable sexually, and might potentially be down for some rather dangerous kink play.
Mal is a mid thirtiestough-as-nails butch who loves violence for the sake of violenceLuckilyshe has channeled this love into a useful career killing dangerous monstersShe doesn’t talk muchwould rather be caught dead than in a dress, and enjoys smelling a little bit like death to keep people from talking to herIf you don’t seem dangerous or interestingshe won’t give you the time of dayThe only time she’s seen smiling is when she’s killing something… or licking her knife after doing so. 
Mal has a unique special abilityShe lost an eye in a fight with a monster a number of years ago, and her husband at the time, a Mourian mansaved her life by pouring gold in her empty eye socket. That gold was imbued with magickNowif she puts the eye of a deceased creature or person in that eye socket, she can see how that individual diedWellmostlyShe sees their doom through not just their eyesbut their lens– their feelings at their time of death distort the visionFor examplefor people who were murderedthe person or creature who murdered them may appear much more horrifying or monstrous than they are in real life. 
If you manage to befriend Mal, she is absolutely rideor-die. She will defend you and stay by your side no matter what. Mal prefers to keep things casual, but if you romance hershe may prove to be nearly insatiable sexually, and might potentially be down for some rather dangerous kink play. 
The werewolf curse has intensified over time, as each new generation becomes more lupine than the last. Rea was the first werewolf to be born without speech. She walks on all fours. But do not be deceived- she is more intelligent and empathetic than most humans. And she is definitely not a dog.
Whereas pet dogs are loyal out of pure love for their masters, Rea is loyal, but it’s because she spends her time trying to prove that she is just as human as everyone else… which is difficult when you’re essentially nonverbal. Not being able to talk when you can think in complex sentences is frustrating, and sometimes she melts down and lashes out. But then, she feels even worse. When she’s not overly frustrated, Rea thinks deeply about every action, and chooses her moves and howls carefully. She believes that it’s in everyone’s best interest to work together and strive towards a better future.
Rea has a different perspective on the corruption plaguing the land than the rest of your party. She hopes that those being corrupted beyond recognition might one day be cured, and that whatever magic brings about that cure might finally help teach her how to communicate with others the way she’s always dreamed about. In the meantime, she’ll continue practicing trying to form her mouth around words and stretching her back leg muscles.
She dreams of falling in love and having her own pups someday, but will not even consider becoming romantically involved with anyone until she can speak to them the words of love she truly wants to share… and ensure that her children wouldn’t share her curse.
The werewolf curse has intensified over time, as each new generation becomes more lupine than the last. Rea was the first werewolf to be born without speechShe walks on all foursBut do not be deceived– she is more intelligent and empathetic than most humans. And she is definitely not a dog. 
Whereas pet dogs are loyal out of pure love for their masters, Rea is loyalbut it’s because she spends her time trying to prove that she is just as human as everyone else… which is difficult when you’re essentially nonverbalNot being able to talk when you can think in complex sentences is frustrating, and sometimes she melts down and lashes outBut thenshe feels even worseWhen she’s not overly frustrated, Rea thinks deeply about every action, and chooses her moves and howls carefullyShe believes that it’s in everyone’s best interest to work together and strive towards a better future. 
Rea has a different perspective on the corruption plaguing the land than the rest of your partyShe hopes that those being corrupted beyond recognition might one day be cured, and that whatever magic brings about that cure might finally help teach her how to communicate with others the way she’s always dreamed about. In the meantimeshe’ll continue practicing trying to form her mouth around words and stretching her back leg muscles. 
She dreams of falling in love and having her own pups somedaybut will not even consider becoming romantically involved with anyone until she can speak to them the words of love she truly wants to share… and ensure that her children wouldn’t share her curse. 
Brigg, who is about to turn 50, is your oldest non-immortal party member in the game. They had been a commander in King Ith’s army until they retired a few years ago in order to allow their young protegeé, Tiana, to take her place. Brigg supports Tiana completely.
Despite their age and numerous battles, Brigg has remained feminine in a very girlish, innocent way. They’re a tomboy for sure- all swords, punches, and bloodshed… but they’ll return from a hard day of brutal training with a sunny disposition, and then make flower crowns for the younger warriors to help them relax. Brigg was born in a tiny village far outside of Brigantia, but ran away to join the military when they were a teenager. So, they’ve been fighting longer than many of your party members have been alive. They’re also incredibly optimistic, and will try to do the right thing whenever possible.
Brigg’s introversion can sometimes get in their way, as people don’t expect it from such a physically tough, commanding person- but they’re deeply private about their true thoughts and feelings. Brigg rarely engages in conversations that go below surface level.
Brigg is more likely to read a book or meditate in a calm grove than to try and date anyone. Because they tend to keep their personal life separate, no one knows if they have ever had lovers, and they’re not particularly flirtatious either. Adventure and the autonomy needed to have adventures are of utmost importance to Brigg. If you’re going to romance them, they need to know that you will always keep striving to be your best self, to live your best life. If Brigg thinks that you want either of you to settle, and stop learning and growing… they’ll completely lose interest.
Briggwho is about to turn 50, is your oldest non-immortal party member in the gameThey had been a commander in King Ith’s army until they retired a few years ago in order to allow their young protegeé, Tiana, to take her place. Brigg supports Tiana completely. 
Despite their age and numerous battlesBrigg has remained feminine in a very girlishinnocent wayThey’re a tomboy for sure– all swords, punches, and bloodshed… but they’ll return from a hard day of brutal training with a sunny disposition, and then make flower crowns for the younger warriors to help them relax. Brigg was born in a tiny village far outside of Brigantiabut ran away to join the military when they were a teenager. So, they’ve been fighting longer than many of your party members have been aliveThey’re also incredibly optimistic, and will try to do the right thing whenever possible 
Brigg’s introversion can sometimes get in their way, as people don’t expect it from such a physically toughcommanding person– but they’re deeply private about their true thoughts and feelingsBrigg rarely engages in conversations that go below surface level. 
Brigg is more likely to read a book or meditate in a calm grove than to try and date anyoneBecause they tend to keep their personal life separate, no one knows if they have ever had lovers, and they’re not particularly flirtatious either. Adventure and the autonomy needed to have adventures are of utmost importance to BriggIf you’re going to romance themthey need to know that you will always keep striving to be your best selfto live your best lifeIf Brigg thinks that you want either of you to settle, and stop learning and growing… they’ll completely lose interest. 
Trasté is a Goblin!
Trasté is from Aunes, a coastal city. Many trasnos there. Many fun jokes and much music!!
Youngest of the trasnos, but who knows what that means in your years. Trasnos do not care about time. Time is fake, probably. Unless they’re waiting for a person to… hehe… come across one of their pranks!!
Trasté different too, from other trasnos. Usually trasnos do not care for people problems. Unless people problems are from pranks done by trasno.
Trasté care very hard. Trasté wish Trasté was a people.
You changed from one thing into another thing. Maybe you can make Trasté a people?? Worth a try!!!
Trasté does not understand romance and thinks the sex is weird (Why the bits? Why must the bits do the stuff?!?) but Trasté wants to be your close friend super hard.
Trasté is a Goblin! 
Trasté is from Aunes, a coastal cityMany trasnos thereMany fun jokes and much music!! 
Youngest of the trasnosbut who knows what that means in your yearsTrasnos do not care about time. Time is fakeprobablyUnless they’re waiting for a person to… hehe… come across one of their pranks!! 
Trasté different toofrom other trasnosUsually trasnos do not care for people problemsUnless people problems are from pranks done by trasnoTrasté care very hardTrasté wish Trasté was a people. 
You changed from one thing into another thingMaybe you can make Trasté a people?? Worth a try!!! 
Trasté does not understand romance and thinks the sex is weird (Why the bits? Why must the bits do the stuff?!?) but Trasté wants to be your close friend super hard.