The Fomorians are a race of monstrous immortal giants who once ruled Ireland. When the Tuatha came to power, they banished the Fomorians to a small corner of the Mourian Underworld. The Fomorians have been in exile for thousands of years, biding their time until they have an opportunity to retake their ancestral home.

Though they initially could live in peace outside of the Underworld, humans began hunting and killing Fomorians as a display of heroism, equating them not to people, but to common monsters due to their fearsome appearance and ability to regenerate.

In response, the Fomorians have become angry, violent, and cannibalistic. Their king allows his subjects to eat his limbs in order to subsist. This vulgar behavior has caused the Mourians to look down on them with disdain, and treat them as second-class citizens.

Half-Fomorians, the mortal children of a Fomorian and a human, are uncommon- but they are much more widely accepted than their gruesome kin. Militaries and mercenary groups often seek out Half-Fomorians to add imposing figures to their ranks.



The Mourians are an immortal race with dark skin, golden eyes, and a penchant for both fate-based magicks and intellectual pursuits. After centuries living amongst humans and other surface-dwellers, most Mourians have grown tired of mortal affairs, and have developed thriving communities of their own in the Underworld and the Medulas. 

They are an elegant, wise people who have learned to value close personal relationships and quality goods.

Befriending a Mourian is notoriously difficult- especially if you’re a mortal- but once they’ve accepted you as a friend or a lover, they’ll stand by you for life. Mourian artisans have all the time in the world to make sure their craftsmanship is perfect, so you´ll find many of the best items in the game for sale in their shops. But, it will cost you. A high standard of living is expensive, especially if you have to maintain it forever. So if you try to cheat a Mourian… expect severe consequences.



Part-human, part-wolf: in the world of the Waylanders, instead of transforming from a normal human into a monster during the full moon, werewolves maintain their ferocious appearance at all times. You can’t become a werewolf- they’re born that way. All werewolves are distant descendants of the lupine Tuatha, Lug. Unlike the Tuatha, they are mortal. Some look almost completely human, but with a bit more fur and paw-like hands, while others appear indistinguishable from wolves, but with the intelligence of a human. The majority are somewhere in between.

Werewolves are an accepted part of society. It’s not unusual to see human-passing werewolves living in cities or towns. But the majority of werewolves live in forest camps where they are able to self-govern and preserve their culture. Werewolf camps have a strict hierarchy, celebrate numerous festivals honoring Lug, and are generally hostile to outsiders. If you can convince them to allow you inside, werewolf camps are home to the best hunters, fighters, and trackers in all of Kaltia.



Goblins may be cute and playful, but beware- this magickal race can cause an immense amount of damage due to their penchant for pranks and shocking lack of empathy. They will do whatever they find interesting and entertaining without a thought for each other, or anyone else. Because of this, they make a delightful member of an adventuring party, but rarely find themselves welcome in polite society. However, nearly every human neighborhood claims to have a resident goblin… whether they actually do or not.

Goblins are easy to blame for things going missing, or other acts of absent-mindedness.

Goblins wear masks to convey their emotions and personalities, and never speak. It’s unknown whether or not they can. Instead, they communicate with one another through body language and the use of musical instruments. The only known concentrated goblin community is located in the coastal city of Aunes.



Humans are the most common race of people, and they are also the most diverse. There is no one human culture or way of life. The Celts are the main human race represented in The Waylanders, but as the seat of a thriving empire with trade routes that extend well beyond the continent of Europe, Brigantia has always been home to people of many different beliefs, nationalities, races, and ethnicities.

Humans tend to have stronger loyalty to their place of origin, culture, and/or religion than to their race as a whole. They fight amongst one another far more often than any other race. People of the immortal races are generally confused by this lack of unity, and may view humans as petty, or at least as having a strange lack of perspective or foresight. In return, humans may consider immortals to be stuck-up or obsolete.